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How Prism Digital helped a Home Healthcare Company scale and improve their hiring process

The Client

As the nation’s leading home care, hospice and medical staffing company, this healthcare company has put over 50 years of experience into delivering their comprehensive approach to home care. With more than 300 independently owned and operated franchise locations, the company employs nurses, therapists, aides, companions and other healthcare professionals who provide 25 million hours of home care service to 190,000 people each year.

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The Challenge

Their career site was siloed and there weren't any true marketing efforts that were taking place to nurture potential employees to apply for a job. The company saw an opportunity to leverage digital marketing to address the following challenges:
  • There were no designated landing pages for specific job types like Nursing, CNAs, Therapists, etc.
  • Hireology software was not integrated with HubSpot, making it difficult to see who had applied and who hadn’t.
  • There was no means of capturing contacts during the initial research stages from them then to be nurtured to apply.
  • Messaging and branding was inconsistent.
  • They didn’t have a newsletter to provide resources for how to become and grow within the industry.
  • There were no resources to provide to potential employees.


The Solution

We started with a review of their individual careers site and evaluated their attempts to nurture potential employees. This lead to the following deliverables:

1. Integrate Hireology with HubSpot

By integrating the two, we were able to view and segment applicants based on their activities, helping us to understand where contacts were in the hiring process.

2. Set up an initial lead capture

This allowed us to identify interested leads and assign them to designated workflows that would encourage them to apply for jobs at the Healthcare company.

3. Send out a monthly newsletter

From job search tips and career development advice to future of work insights, these newsletters were set up to offer a wealth of
information tailored specifically to those interested in a job in home care.

4. Designate job-specific landing pages

These were used to put behind ads tailored to specific job titles (ie. Nurse, CNA, Therapist, etc).

5. Recreate the careers site

We focused on delivering a modern website with:

  • A clear purpose
  • Strong, professional branding
  • Simple navigation
  • Easy-to-find contact information
  • Strong calls to action
  • A great mobile experience
  • Compelling content

6. Create downloadable resources

Our content writers created valuable resources (such as ‘A Guide to Jobs In-Home Care and Home Healthcare,’ and ‘A Guide to Crushing Your Next Home Care Interview’) that could then be utilized in nurture campaigns and monthly newsletters.


The Outcome

With the Hireology integration complete, we were able to track and monitor how campaigns were performing—from potential candidate to hired— by building reports in HubSpot and setting goals within workflows to see if Prism’s marketing initiatives were delivering results.

Based on our efforts:

  • There was an increase in conversions on ads once the job-specific/tailored landing pages were created.
  • Since doing targeted job landing pages, the average conversion rate was roughly 25%.
  • Contacts increased by 31%.
  • We saw an increase in organic traffic following the website rebranding, as well as an increase in views to the career site.
  • Organic search became the second highest source for traffic.
  • We were able to track goal conversions on the workflows in order to measure the actions of users on the site:
  • 38.46% conversion rate of people who subscribed to the career newsletter, to then show interest in a specific job (where they gave us their email address).
  • 7.84% conversion of people who showed interest, to then go on to actually apply for the job. This used to be an untouched market, however now we are able to see those that showed interest but didn't apply.

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