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How Prism Digital helped Keystone Senior Management Services to integrate HubSpot and create one true source of client data

The Client

As a boutique, family-owned and -operated business, Keystone has owned and managed more than 60 successful senior living communities around the US. According to Keystone, the difference begins with the feeling of home that their communities inspire, each designed to offer compassionate support, comfort, and privacy.
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The Challenge

When Prism Digital first met with Keystone, they were not engaging in any marketing efforts, meaning there was a lot that needed to be set up before rolling out a well executed marketing program. This process gave us an opportunity to leverage digital marketing and address the following challenges:
  • They had 12 communities that needed to be tracked and monitored in HubSpot in order to provide personalized email campaigns specific to each community.
  • Their CRM (Sherpa) was not integrated with HubSpot, meaning submissions were going into Sherpa without any marketing efforts to follow.
  • The company put on a lot of events, but didn’t have a way to track whether they were producing move-ins, depositors and so forth.
  • They were working with a third party to design custom landing pages for ebooks. There was no way to track and monitor if these campaigns were producing depositors, move-ins, etc.


The Solution

The Prism team worked collaboratively on the following deliverables:

1. Update forms

All forms were updated to be HubSpot to create one true source of record.

2. Integrate Sherpa and HubSpot

Using a two way integration, we were able to understand when a prospect had moved from ‘prospect → deposit paid → resident.’

3. Built custom reports

These were built to better understand which communities produce the most move-ins and residents.

4. Develop workflows

We developed and created complex workflows based on actions taken on the website. 



The Outcome

Based on our efforts:

  • Keystone can track and monitor all communities for new leads, track sources (where people originated from), how they’re moving through the sales funnel and send customized marketing email campaigns.
  • For Prism’s category of “Internet,” we had 839 leads, 155 deposits and 73 move-ins, for a total of 22.81% of all company move-ins. This is compared to paid referral sources, such as ‘A Place for Mom’, which gave way more leads (1986) but only had 119 deposits and 60 move-ins.

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