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Marketing Consulting

A Results-Driven Marketing Strategy

Effective marketing is vital to your company’s future. Whether you need expert assistance to thoroughly evaluate your situation or an improved approach that will target a new market - the only way to overcome your biggest marketing challenges is to plan and implement a digital marketing strategy.

Finding An Expert

77% of companies say they have a content marketing strategy, but more often than not, the existing strategy is weak and not achieving the results they envision.
When you hire one of our marketing consultants, you get access to their hard-fought wisdom. They can tell you what does or doesn’t work based on their experiences and deliver meaningful and actionable insights to get the best bang for your buck!
Marketing Consulting

Who Can Benefit From Our Consulting Services?

Our experienced consultants will take the time to gain an in-depth understanding of your audience, enabling them to build your brand authority and take you where you want to go. From your initial consultation, through to campaign execution, you’ll have a clear view into absolutely everything. Businesses can benefit from our services in either of these ways:

  • Your marketing is ticking over, but you’re seeing no growth ~ If your business is heading in a new direction, you want to target a new market or find a new and improved approach that will see your business flourish, we can help guide you through that first critical step in building a profitable digital relationship with your most-desired audience.
  • Your marketing is not working well ~ It’s stressful to run your own business! There are a lot of moving pieces to manage and you can fall into the trap of thinking you have to do everything yourself. If you need expert assistance to thoroughly evaluate your situation and make recommendations for change, we can create a go-to-market strategy custom-tailored to your business goals.

How it Works

Many clients partner with Prism long-term, based on a custom-tailored Inbound Marketing Retainer. Because the work we do is so unique to every business, our marketing consulting services don’t come at a flat fee, and in most cases, are billed by the hour, based on time and materials. For some clients, open-ended time & materials billing does the job. Whereas other clients prefer the predictability of booking a fixed number of hours per month. Ultimately, we need to find the solution that is most affordable to you and your marketing goals.

Gain the expertise your company needs to grow.

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