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How Prism Digital revamped lead scoring and reporting to attract an end-to-end recommerce platform’s target audience

The Client

FloorFound is an end-to-end recommerce platform that empowers a circular future for all retail, selling previously owned items through an online marketplace to buyers who reuse, recycle or resell them. As of December 2021, they had already helped their clients re-circulate nearly 200,000 pounds of oversized items.



The Challenge

Due to the FloorFound’s sales process being very unique (rather than an inbound approach to sales e.g. prospect comes to website, prospect fills out data collection form and becomes a SQL), they wanted to know how cold contacts were engaging with the material sent out in their lead nurture workflows.
  • FloorFound needed to develop a lead scoring method that would assign scores based on interactions with web pages, emails, etc. rather than form submissions.
  • They didn’t know how to track and manage “boomerang” people—leads that were lost but then became an opportunity again.
  • They needed to build out reporting to understand if they were attracting and hitting their target audience.
  • They weren’t getting a true sense of who a marketing qualified lead is, versus an opportunity to focus their efforts on.
  • Because they were skipping stages, they didn't understand the conversion rate from MQL to SQL, nor could they specify which marketing efforts were generating SQLs/what the sales team was producing.


The Solution

Working directly with the VP of sales and the entire sales team, Prism gained a deep understanding of the FloorFound’s sales process. This lead to the following deliverables:

1. Revamp lead scoring and reporting.

2. Train the sales team on the new sales process. 

3. Work with the sales team to fine tune reports. 


The Outcome

  • FloorStone got a true sense of their boomerang leads, MQLs and SQLs.
  • They were then able to set reasonable expectations and goals moving forward.
  • Marketing efforts were focused on leads that were priority.

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