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How Prism Digital used Google Ads to double new contacts in the first month for Carolina Country Homes

The Client

Since 1998, Carolina Country Homes has served as the leading modular home dealer in South Carolina. Based in Lancaster, SC, they design and install high-quality modular homes throughout South Carolina and the Metrolina region of North Carolina.

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The Challenge

Carolina Country Homes wasn't happy with their current agency. They had been with them for many years, but they didn't see any improvements in click through rates as well as the quality leads they were hoping for. They were looking for a HubSpot partner agency to help transfer their website off of their current CMS. Below are all the challenges they were facing:
  • They had no way to track any Google Ad or Facebook Ad metrics, leaving them in the dark about what was effective and what wasn’t.
  • They were getting new leads from areas that they don’t do business.
  • Their Google Ads hit a plateau and didn't see any improvements to the lead quality they were getting.
  • They weren’t receiving the support they wanted from their current agency.
  • Wanting to break away from this agency, they needed to migrate to a new system in order to gain control over their website.


The Solution

In a strategic collaboration, Prism Digital worked on the following deliverables:

1. Migrate to HubSpot for enhanced sales and marketing functionalities. 

2. Refresh ad copy to capture the essence of Carolina Country Homes’ brand.

3. Design and develop a new landing page that showcases the company's diverse offerings.

4. Update new keywords and negative keywords in order to focus on only the keywords that matter to Carolina Country Homes customers.

5. Connect HubSpot with Google Ads for better reporting and more insight into the overall marketing funnel.

6. Lead monthly marketing meetings to review Google Ads.


The Outcome

October 1-31

November 1 - December 1

  • We were able to reduce the cost per contact by 50%, allowing Carolina Country Homes to make better decisions about allocating their money and resources.
  • Within one month, Prism increased the click through rate from 0.3% to 0.6%—this is one of the best ways to generate more sales.
  • The company’s new contacts from Ads were more than doubled, attracting new customers and making their audience aware of their homes and services.
  • NEXT STEPS: Having successfully fostered a renewed and compelling digital presence for the modular home company, Prism will review sales collateral and marketing email campaigns to increase conversions through the workflows.

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