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HubSpot Portal Audit

Hit Your Marketing Goals With a Clean, Well-Organized Portal

HubSpot is meant to make your life easier, but when you're working with a tool that has everything all in one place, that place can easily become cluttered with outdated and unused information. If you’re feeling confused from a performance or organizational standpoint, it could be helpful to get an outside analysis of your processes to identify opportunities for improvement.

View Your HubSpot in a New Light

At Prism Digital, we offer a deep dive HubSpot Portal Audit, that will examine your entire HubSpot portal and help you turn your HubSpot software into a seamless extension of your ideal internal processes. Our HubSpot experts will work to standardize and improve your marketing performance, properties, workflows, forms, sales tools, content strategy, and so much more.

Many HubSpot users have no idea just how much they can customize their portal to make it work for their unique business needs. Prism can ensure your portal is best set up for hitting your marketing goals, while maintaining a clean, well-organized CRM.

Portal Audit

Why You Need a Portal Audit?

You went through the HubSpot onboarding when you first bought HubSpot, but the tools and functionalities of HubSpot are updated so frequently, you might have been left behind or without the support you needed. A portal audit allows us to identify where things have changed and fix the gaps.

A portal audit will take a look at what tools you are currently using, identify ways to use it better and give you recommendations on how to do it. Not only that, but it also identifies tools or functionalities that you are NOT currently using and suggests ways you could implement them.

We’ll help you break down your high level goals into measurable milestones and identify your key performance indicators (KPI) to make sure you’re driving the metrics that matter most to your business. By customizing your dashboards and reports we will show you how to collect all of your data in one place, track progress towards your goals, and make necessary strategy adjustments along the way.

The Prism philosophy: If you're paying for something, use it as much as you possibly can! That way your chances of getting ROI from it are greater and you're able to secure the best bang for your buck.

In a nutshell this is why:

  • It helps you optimize your existing set up
  • It helps you get more value from your HubSpot subscription
  • It gives you actionable insights into marketing and sales performance
  • It ensures that your HubSpot is firing properly in the background

Ready to elevate your HubSpot Portal?

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