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Not sure how to stand out online?

Loaded with the knowledge and resources you’ve been craving, our team of digital experts will improve your online results and design a focused, personalized strategy to help scale and grow your business.

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What We Do

Prism Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency that partners with businesses, big and small, to help them achieve success through digital marketing. With us, you can count on every marketing angle being covered, as we leverage all facets of digital (and traditional) marketing to meet the unique needs of your business. From research to strategy to execution - we've got you covered.

Prism digital - SEO strategy

SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy

SEO boosts visibility, making your offerings easily discoverable. By optimizing your site and content, specialists attract organic traffic, establish authority, and connect with your target audience. LEARN MORE
Prism digital - Hubspot Implementation

HubSpot Implementations

HubSpot Implementations

Your strategist customizes a CRM for your marketing journey, offering a unified customer view. With HubSpot's reporting, we teach you to track KPIs for better ROI. LEARN MORE
Prism Digital - Content strategy

Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Your content team, including a specialist and copywriter, deeply understands your audience and their needs. Leveraging their expertise, we craft engaging angles to captivate your prospects. LEARN MORE
Prism digital - Paid search

Paid Search & Social

Paid Search & Social

Paid search and social require deep understanding. We'll choose the right channels to capture high-quality demand at each funnel stage, nurturing a consistent audience. LEARN MORE
Prism digital - Market Consulting

Marketing Consulting

Marketing Consulting

Businesses often claim a content strategy, yet results are lacking. Your consultant offers insights from experience, delivering actionable advice. LEARN MORE
Prism digital - Persona development and targeting

Persona Development & Targeting

Persona Development & Targeting

Buyer personas are crucial for sales success. Your specialist identifies your ideal customer and, with a copywriter, crafts tailored content. LEARN MORE
Prism digital Integrations & Migrations

Integrations & Migrations

Integrations & Migrations

Ever considered the costs of non-integrated marketing software? With HubSpot, align sales and marketing, streamlining customer data. LEARN MORE
Prism digital - Web design & development

Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development

Paid search and social require deep attention. We'll choose channels to capture high-quality demand at each funnel stage, nurturing a consistent audience. LEARN MORE

The Prism Methodology

We are not a templated agency. We are here to understand the present and anticipate the future of your business.

At Prism Digital, we like to think outside the box to implement plans that are unlike what you’ve already experienced. From comprehensive research and data analysis to crafting custom website experiences to devising content that will impact your audience, our full-package agency has the services and expertise to meet all of your digital marketing needs.

How We Do It

Understanding your unique business on a deep level
Leveraging all facets of digital (and traditional) marketing to meet the unique needs of your business
Prism digital - How we do it
Identify new market segments for your existing products
Focusing on growth strategy and strong results

Meet the Experts

The creative minds behind Prism are a results-driven bunch, who live and breathe client success. In order to get the results you want, we work with you to define your long-term digital goals, working collaboratively with your team to create a bespoke digital strategy that delivers to every corner of your marketing ecosystem.

Monica Evans

Chief Marketing Officer/Founder

Monica Evans - Prism Digital Inc (Custom)

Andrew Evans

Chief Financial Officer/Founder

Andrew Evans - Prism Digital Inc (Custom)

Nick Marley

Photographer & Project Manager

Nick Marley - Prism Digital Inc (Custom)

Rebecca Saxon

Brand & Digital Consultant


Georgina Ellison

Content Writer

Georgie Ellison - Prism Digital Inc (Custom)

Sammy Mcwilliams

Graphic & Web Designer

Sammy McWilliams - Prism Digital Inc (Custom)

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Monica is professional, patient, and prompt. She works like a partner with you and your business to implement the best marketing strategies based on your unique business and it's customers. I can't recommend working with her enough to implement, maintain, and continuously improve your marketing reach."
Eric Kingen
Chief Experience Officer
Monica and her team are extremely knowledgeable with all the ins and outs of HubSpot and has helped guide me to feel confident in it myself. She always comes to our meetings prepared and with solid ideas on how to upscale our marketing efforts. She does it all, from managing our CRM to our Google ads and making sure our website is strong."
Haley Cressler
Marketing Manager
The team listens, provides support, offers suggestions but ultimately gets the job done the way you want it. Monica and her team understand our industry, are open to our ideas and philosophies, and will fight for your company when necessary. Prism has made my job infinitely easier and I am so grateful to be among the Prism Family!
Anita Marrs
Director of Client Strategy and Engagement
Monica and her team are excellent at what they do. Professional, knowledgeable, and skilled. Highly recommended!
Danny Decker
Marketing Services
Prism Digital is simply fantastic. We are currently implementing HubSpot across our franchise network and we are enjoying working with Monica and the Prism team. They have been professional and have guided us through the whole process with a smile, and a great deal of patience. Monica and the Prism team are a great extension to our marketing team in maximizing our potential with HubSpot."
Lisa Durrett
Director of Marketing